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New Chat Rules.

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Oct 14, 2020
your nightmares
Hi Trainers,

Hope you all are doing well and I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen the new chat update. We have removed country chat since it was acting as a hideout for many players to do whatever they want and breaking rules so please refrain from asking for country chat return. The new chat system is a step in a right direction and it will stay that way.

With this, we are also introducing the new chat guidelines. Please Read the whole thing as no excuses of "not knowing these new guidelines" will not be tolerated after 48 hours.

English Chat
=> Keep all your chit chat and general conversation, price check, hosting tournaments/ quiz etc. in this chat tab (English only).
Non English Chat => Functions exactly like English Chat except you can only talk here in your local language.
Help Chat => If you need help with anything related to game or looking for a staff to help you out, This is the channel for you ! No chit chat is allowed.
Trade Chat => You can only post advertisement here related to buying or selling any kind of trades, breeding, doing/seeking level up- EV training service, buy/sell friend donation, chat auctions. Any kind of idle conversation or general message will not be tolerated.


Q. Are you allowed to host auctions in trade chat?
Yes, you are allowed to continue doing auctions in trade chat, however keep in mind that moderator are no longer obligated to babysit/moderate these chat auctions. This is what you can expect from staff in all possible scenario ->

  • Overlapping Auctions: Not staff problem, you players can use the auction system to prevent this. Sort these kind of issue on your own.
  • People not paying/ Troll bids/ delayed auctions: If you have enough screenshot which shows any of the incident happening in trade chat you can share it with other staff or post it in forums, we'll continue to handout temporary chat bans.
  • Posting ads during an on going auction: It is completely okay to do this.

We've also added the timestamp for each message, you can see it whenever you hover on a player name for a particular message. Please try to make sure that you get that in your screenshot if you are reporting someone for a delayed auction.

In Short, we are not enforcing everyone to use the auction system, you can use trade chat as you were doing for your auctions but if you want to prevent all the above hassles you are free to use the system built auction tab.


Q. Are you allowed to ask questions to staff and other people in English/Non-English Chat?
Feel free to but don't expect any of the staff to respond you. We'll suggest you to start using correct channels for their intended purpose and we'll suggest other players too to stop helping anyone outside help chat.

Q. Does staff look after bets done outside Pokemon Legends?
Nope, we do not take any reports like this. It is your own responsibility to do such bets only with those players whom you trust.

If you have any queries or doubt or you think I've missed out on addressing anything else related to chat, feel free to send any staff a dm in forums in next 48 hours. We'll give you players 48 hours to get used to this new chat and rules, hence will handout a warning first in next 48 hours if we find you violating the new rules but if you repeat it, staff will handout temporary chat bans. After 48 hours, no excuses will be tolerated for not using the chat as it is intended to be and you will lose any entitlement for any kind of warning.

Edit 1 :

We've removed the 20 seconds fast auction rule.

Q. Are people allowed to ask for help in help chat in other language?
Yes, you can ask for help in non-English and help chat like English users can do same but like I said above, we'll suggest you to use help chat for a better chance of getting the required help more quickly.

Q. Can users do auctions, sell/buy-trade in other languages?
Yes, even though it is very rare to see non English auctions, they were legal even in old system and will remain same.

Q. Can players send a notification message about your auction in trade chat in English/non-English chat?
A. Yes, you are more than welcome to post something like this in english/non-english chat before your auction in trade chat ->


If you have more queries, feel free to reach out in forum DM of staff.

Looking forward to having a more social and fun chat with all you trainers out there & a special thanks to @Brad for doing this much needed chat revamp.

- Pokemon Legends Team
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